Doors 10pm

£2 entry


The Royal Ascot!?!? What?? Noooooo!! Who cares about that! This is something much sexier, kinky…exciting!
After the amazing party that was The Digital Carnaval, Jeff vs LOLa present their second instalment of this epic series!

Just like our first party this will be a night to forget all complicated nights and to remember how dance and more dance among nice people is the best thing in life!

The music will be as crazy as it can gets…the only goal is to make everyone nuts but you already know that!
Jeff djs ( Pixxxhell + Trash Selector ) and LOLa Deejays will be HOT HOT and ready to set you ON FIRE!

So…put that date on the calendar, get your fancy hats ready (It’a a Royal party isn’t it?) and share the word!


royal asscott